I’ve downloaded the PDF files of the graphics for my student who is a braille reader, but some graphics appear to be missing.

Counting the Giant Panda introduction unit there are a total of 49 graphics. Twelve of these graphics are tables that are prepared as .brf files for embossing. These are not included in the PDF files of braille graphics. You will need to emboss them separately. View the list of the problems that include tables in .brf format.

Module 1: Black Rhino A2, Black Rhino B5, California Condor B5, Cheetah B5, and Polar Bear A2
Module 2: Burmese Python B5*, Hippo A2, and Poison Frog A5*
Module 3: Honeybee B2*, Snow Leopard A5*, Snow Leopard B2*, and White Shark B2*