The AnimalWatch Vi Suite app, developed under our previous IES project, is available for free through the American Printing House for the Blind.  Download the flyer for more information: AnimalWatch Vi Suite APH Flyer.

The AnimalWatch Vi Suite App can be downloaded for free from the App Store. For a quick start, in the app itself click the “HOW TO USE” button to learn about the features of the app. However, the user guide provides more in-depth information about the app. Please be sure to read the APH privacy policy.

All students should start with and complete the Giant Panda unit in order to learn how to use the app. All three modules in the AnimalWatch Vi Suite are tied to the Common Core Math Standards. Students can complete one, two, or all three of the modules in any order they wish.

Each module contains eight units, each focused on a different endangered or invasive animal species. After reading introductory material about each animal, students solve six math word problems. You can view a list of the modules, their units, the topics covered, and a sample problem in the document AWViS Content of Modules and Units.

The app contains all the content, however, some students may prefer to have a print copy of the animal picture and graphics (bar graphs, line graphs, maps) when working on the math units. Under the Format menu select Print to download PDF copies of the graphics.

In order to solve the word problems with graphics, braille readers must have a braille copy of the graphics. These are formatted for 11×11.5 inch paper and can be printed on microcapsule paper and run through a fuser (e.g., Pictures in a Flash). Under the Format menu select Braille to download PDF copies of the graphics. Tables are considered graphics. Tables in .brf format are formatted to print on 11×11.5 inch paper.

Students who read braille may wish to have hard copy braille of the content in the app. Under the format menu braille files are available in UEB with Nemeth code or UEB. Files are set to emboss on 11.5×11 inch paper.

Files under Modules and Formats are the same files. The only difference is the way in which they are organized.
Use the Format Menu to download zip files that contain print, UEB with Nemeth, and UEB folders for the Giant Panda unit and each module. Or use the Module Menu to download all of the print, UEB with Nemeth, or UEB files in a zip folder for the Giant Panda and the three modules in a specific literacy medium.